About Me

The neonatal intensive care unit at Jimmy's hospital in Leeds
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

I’m an ergonomist/human factors designer, which means that my work largely focuses on the the people (user) aspects of systems, i.e., usability, user experience (UX), user-centred design, interaction design, the role of people in making systems dependable and resilient, and so on.

After graduating in Computing Science, I started out in industrial software development, mostly developing user interfaces. I subsequently gained postgraduate qualifications in cognitive science (MPhil), and then human factors (PhD). I then moved into academia full-time, where all of my work involved collaborating with people in industry (health and social care, defence, air transportation, and oil & gas). You can view a list of my academic publications here.

Together with Frank Ritter and Elizabeth Churchill, I authored the book Foundations for Designing User-Centered Systems: What System Designers Need to Know About People, about which, Stu Card (one of the pioneers in Human-Computer Interaction) said: “It looks great! It’s going to be really useful. This may be the best HCI text so far.”

I now work for myself, offering services (consultancy, training and carrying out research) in human factors, usability, user experience and user centred design. I also offer proof checking and editing services (mostly working with International Science Editing).

I have been working with a colleague from university days on the design and development of an app that supports live music, called the UniGuide to Live Music, which is currently available as a mobile friendly, secure web site. This reflects my long-standing passion for music. For several years I wrote live and album reviews for a number of blues magazines, although my musical tastes are very broad, and I currently compile a weekly playlist on soundcloud.

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